Ozone is a supercharged version of oxygen which has potent natural antimicrobial properties.  Oxygen in its naturally occurring state is O2. Ozone, on the other hand, is an O3 molecule, which is an extra oxygen making it a bioactive and potent oxidant. Due to the extra oxygen molecule it carries an electro-negative charge and all infection carry positive charge hence it is naturally attracted to source of infection as pathogens have very little or no antioxidant enzymes, which makes them vulnerable to oxidants like ozone. Healthy human cell are electro-neutral(antioxidant enzymes) that can break down Vitamins C and E, these antioxidants protect the healthy cells from being oxidized (destroyed or burned up) by ozone.

When applied via the use of gas, water, or oil, the 03 molecule is unstable, releasing an extra atom that destroys the cell walls of microbes while not harming human cells. The power of ozone can be used in nearly every aspect of dentistry to improve overall outcomes.

After first being used in Sweden in the 1920’s, ozone therapy is widely used around the world for sterilizing water for medical operations and disinfecting medical and operating equipment.

Ozone / oxygen therapy in dentistry is popular in many parts of the world . Ozone is one of the most powerful and is a natural antimicrobial agents available for use in the fields of medicine and dentistry.  We are very excited to offer today what looks to be a future state-of-the-art treatment

Ozone kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites on contact. There is also a healing reaction begun by the body upon exposure to ozone, which has proven to be very useful in many different dental situations, particularly:

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